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Eagle Vision Systems has developed a non-contacting, linear displacement sensor for measuring the distance between the 2 sensors in real time. The sensors can be used for closed loop positioning of any linear moving mechanical parts.


  • Non-contacting
  • Robust to noise and vibration
  • 0” to 140” measuring range
  • CAN linked
  • Easy installation; no features or special cylinders or valves required

Sensor 447




The sensors communicate with CAN 2.0 protocol and can be configured with a PC to any common baud rate and message structure.

EagleVision Ultrasonic displacement sensor.pdf

Technical Specifications


  • Uses ultrasonic waves so absolute alignment is not critical
  • 1.0 cm (0.4 inch) resolution
  • Can easily be adapted as an aftermarket sensor
  • Refresh rates of 0.08 seconds
  • Connectors are daisy chained for ease of harnessing
  • No additional or non-standard valves, cylinders or controllers are required