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Eagle Vision Systems has developed a vision recognition system that is specifically designed for identifying a container and determining its location in real time regardless of the container’s background environment.


  • Improve safety
  • Easily configurable
  • Reduce operator fatigue
  • Increase collection efficiency
  • No need for unique or positioning features on the container

Vision 0606


Intuitive image capture routine that uses the vehicle mounted camera to store
the reference images of any container type/types that will be identified for the
working system.

Provides an intuitive "Positive Match" indicator to inform the user that the system is ready to initiate the pickup process. Provides a "Close Match" indicator to inform the user that a match
has been found, but there may be an obstruction by other objects.

Robust algorithm that can compensate for camera motion, daylight variations, and random particle inclusions like blowing leaves, snow or rain. Arm movement can be closed loop cycled on position. This can reduce cycle time by providing constant accurate motion and lessen the time required to position the vehicle and operate the arm.


  • The driver makes the final decision to start the pickup process based on the image match shown, keeping the final decision in human hands.
  • During the pickup process the driver can focus on spotting potential hazards while the systems moves the arm instead of concentrating on controlling the arm itself.
  • The pickup process can be terminated by:
    - the driver releasing a deadman switch
    - the vision system if it interprets an object, like a person or vehicle suddenly obscuring a safe pickup.

Image capture setup instructions

EagleVision Handout BinSeeker.pdf

Technical specifications

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